Will Robots require Recruiters?

We were discussing this topic last week at YY People, inspired by this news article on the BBC website about robotic taxis.

This led us down a rabbit hole that referenced famous robots from the silver screen.

We would love to hear what you think.

“We hope you enjoyed the ride”

As soon as I read the BBC report, it reminded me of “Johnny Cabs” from Total Recall (the 1990 version, not the 2012 version, that doesn’t exist in our world…).

Total Recall was a major motion picture hit that summer but it was controversial too, due to its high body count and extreme visceral violence. The film was actually based on a short story by Philip K Dick, “We Can Remember it for You Wholesale”, written in 1966. Talk about a man with a vision!

Writing this blog also reminded me of my days attending CES, a large tech show that takes place in Vegas at the start of January.

As with previous shows, Robots were some of the stars of the vast exhibition areas. In fact, robots have ben showcased at CES for years now. I was at CES in 2014 and 2015, Robots were on the show floors (as were self-driving cars) on both occasions. I personally don’t trust a robotic taxi, a topic for later.


As a self-confessed super fan of the Sci-Fi genre, another movie worth mentioning in this blog would be I-Robot, starring Will Smith, from 2004, another adaption, inspired by the work of Isaac Asimov’sHardwired” (1950). In I-Robot we see the utopian world of robots helping humans, augmenting our lives before it quickly turns to a dystopian world of revenge of the robots, waging war on their former human masters.

The central theme of this story is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a claim many tech startups go-to-market with. Often they are using Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, rather than true AI, ML being a sub-set of AI.

Engineered Arts & Real Robots

So, we have talked about robots on the big screen, what about the world of real robots, ones you can interact with? This leads neatly to the wonderful team from Engineered Arts, a wonderful and visionary English company who make robots for, well anyone who can afford them. You may have seen one at your local science museum or interactive kids play park.

I saw one of their creations, Robothespian, appear and ‘star’ on a panel at a conference in 2017. I was so impressed that I booked a ‘colleague’ of Robothespian for a conference I was organising for the following year to interact with guests. Robothespian tied in very nicely with our show theme that year, “Man & Machine” as we were discussing the new mega-trend, AI and all things security.

The Epilogue

Before I ramble on relentlessly down a robot rabbit hole, what do you think, will robots require recruiters? At YY People, we like to talk about the “A-Z of hiring”, with the letter ‘R’ standing for Recruitment as a Service (RaaS), which we believe is the future of recruitment.

Think hiring-on-demand and paying for recruitment monthly, as you do for your SaaS subscriptions. This is perfect for startups and scaleups who are expanding into new territories but do not have the partner network or expertise.

Just like Philip K Dick and Isasc Asimov, we too have a vision; the future of recruitment. Looking ahead, if Johnny from Johnny cabs is looking for a change in career, we at YY People, will be ready to represent them and you.

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